Troll, Earth and Healing Wiccan Magician


Terra Troll

Attributes Body:7, Agility:3, Reaction:4, Strength:6, Charisma:3, Intuition:5, Logic:2, Willpower:6,

Qualities: Magician, Pacifist:2, Uneducated

Skills Spellcasting6(Health), Ritual Spellcasting4(Detection), Counterspelling4(Combat), Conjuring Group4, Pistols3, Clubs3, Arcana3, Enchanting3, Assensing3(Metahumans)


Raised in the heart of downtown Terra was a beggar child while she was still human. She scrounged and scavenged whatever she could to get by. She had been left to fend for herself on the street not long after she could walk and she blamed her parents for it all.

As puberty set in she had to go through her horrible change with nobody there to help her along. And once it was over she held a chip on her shoulder for a very long time, blaming anyone who wouldn’t help for what was wrong.

She awakened at age 16 and she practiced what little power she had alone in the alleys, getting good enough to use them to keep herself afloat, robbing looting and mugging if she needed to. And she had no quarrels with making others suffer the way she had and living off of what they’d earned for quite sometime.

It wasn’t until an old blind woman by the name of Agatha took her in and offered her a hot meal and warm bed. Agatha explained to Terra that what she was doing was wrong and opened her home to the young troll. It wasn’t long before the two bonded and Tera began to learn magic from the old woman.


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