Zachariah Jerome "z33k"

Hyperactive Gnome Technomancer, who has an obsession with cats.



Attributes: Body:5, Agility:3, Reaction:4, Strength:3, Charisma:5, Intuition:5, Logic:5, Willpower:7, Resonance:7, Edge:4

Skills: Tasking Group 7 (Resonance), Cracking Group 6 (Logic), Electronics Group 6 (Logic), Con 4 (Charisma), Gunnery 5 (Reaction), Pilot Aircraft 3 (Reaction), Pilot ground Craft 3 (Reaction),

Complex Forms All Forms: 6


“z33k” is a long time friend and co-runner with the Troll shaman “Terra”, and though they’ve made their fortunes and moved out of the biz, they both continue to live close to one another out of professional courtesy and a brutally close relationship. z33k watches Terra’s matrix security while Terra watches z33k’s astral. And though Terra claims to think of z33k as nothing but a bother she’d go through hell and back to protect him.

Born in the early 30’s Zachariah was raised by his human parents with an open mind, though the prep school he attended didn’t quite think the same, especially after he stopped physically aging near the age of ten. He stopped growing, and even though it was already known Zach was a dwarf, it became obvious he was one of few metavariants. He was a gnome.

It didn’t take long before the peer pressure began to crack z33k, sending him into a downward spiral of constant matrix connections and even beginning to indulge in BTLs. He began hacking to try and make ends meet after he’d dropped out of high school and abandoned home, though anyone he met with in flesh wrote him off as crazy.

When he finally emerged it was a shock to him, he’d heard about kids who’d been showing up, with the ability to control the matrix with only their minds, but he’d called it a hoax. But he turned his new found abilities to quite the advantage and he took to the streams of resonance with extreme ease.. he was born to do this.

It didn’t take long for him to meet up with a team and start running, though he mostly rigged and hacked, he wasn’t a good shot unless it was from behind a sensor. Terra and him became good friends and still are since.

He has an extreme distaste for any who judge by physical appearances and feels kinder to metavariants and SURGE victims than most, and doesn’t consider anyone a freak.

Zachariah Jerome "z33k"

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